Ribbed & Ready Vibrating Butt Plug

ribbed vibrating buttplug

Are you ready for a spot of R&R?

Not quite what you had in mind, the Ribbed and Ready Butt Plug will provide you with just as much satisfaction.

This anal plug now renamed to the “Orgasma Black Vibrating Butt Plug” features a beaded shaft, akin to many anal beads available on the market, along with all the vibrating fun of your favourite vibe.

Vibrating Butt Plug Details:

  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Jelly
  • Vibrations: Multi-speed vibrations
  • Size: 6’5 inches insertable length, 7 inches total length
  • Waterproof: splashproof
  • Flexible: yes
  • Width: 1 inch smallest bead and 4 inches near the base
  • Batteries: yes (included when you buy from Bondara.co.uk)

Shape and Size

This slim toy is ribbed to stimulate the best bits of anal beads while being slim enough for beginner’s to toy with. The graduated beads increase in width at 4inches largest circumference and is fully flexible. Here is what these users have to say about the toy:

Certainly a winner for those who like a little bit more friction in their plugs. However, this toy certainly isn’t for size queens or those who prefer firmer plugs.


This butt plug features multi-speed vibrations, ranging from low to moderate and, finally, to high. These users are certainly fans of the multi-speed vibrating settings.

A bargain thrill which will leave you trembling. However, be sure to use this toy in the comfort of a quiet house as it can be quite buzzy on the higher settings.

Newbie friendly?

This toy is a must for any shopper looking for a cheap introduction to anal plugs/beads. Simple to use and flexible, the R&R is definitely newbie-friendly. While flexible, this non-intimidating toy is best used with plenty of your favourite lubricant to avoid discomfort.


The R&R is battery powered, though good news! Batteries are included when you buy direct from Bondara.co.uk.


This toy isn’t waterproof or submersible. Don’t take this toy to the shower to avoid damaging it. It is, however, splashproof and can be cleaned with a damp cloth after use.


A great alternative to anal beads, this toy is inexpensive, easy to use and stimulating to boot. A fantastic introduction to anal beads/plugs, this toy is recommended for beginners or those new to plugs. Grab yourself some R&R today!


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