Tickling Truman by MyStim

Pleasure AND exercise?

Surely these two things should never been seen together!

Yet, MyStim endeavour to do just that with the MyStim Tickling Truman.

Combining a stimulating kegel workout with all of the vibrating fun of your favourite sex toy, Truman uses both vibrations and electro stimulation to give you a positively shocking experience. Here are its vital statistics:

Tickling Truman Vibrator Details:

  • Insertable Length: 6 inches (total 10.5 inches)
  • Base type: Handle
  • Material: Silicone
  • Flexibility: Flexible
  • Waterproof: Submersible
  • Contains latex: No
  • Contains phthalates: No
  • Flexibility: Flexible
  • Waterproof: Submersible
  • Contains latex: No
  • Contains phthalates: No
  • Controller Type: Built in – push button
  • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
  • Power Type: Rechargeable

Size and shape

Truman is a smooth, silicone luxury item with a bulbous tip for insertion.

However, the toy is a little girthier and may prove more difficult for some newer or less experienced users without a smaller toy to warm up with first.

The shaft itself is flexible and geared towards deep penetration and, in particular, G-spot stimulation. Standing at six inches, the toy isn’t so long as to be unbearable but this might be a lot for newer users to withstand without plenty of foreplay in advance.

Truman is, however, surprisingly smooth and near seamless. Use with plenty of your favourite water-based lubricant in order to get the most out of it.


The vibrations are controlled via several buttons.

Two buttons give you the option to cycle through the intensity of the vibrations and another to give you access to five scintillating levels of vibration with eight variations.

This certainly puts Truman leagues ahead of any mere ‘dildo’ or vibrator, owing to the range it offers.

What’s more, the toy has dual motors, one in the bulbous head and one in the shaft to stimulate both g-spot and the external vagina and clitoris.

The electro mode seems to add an extra dimension, causing muscles to both contract and work out – just like a kegel exerciser which help both tighten and maintain tightness in the vagina.

The downside of this toy, however, is the very thing which makes it desirable: the vibrations.

Overall, yes, they are quite powerful but this might not be an ideal for more sensitive ladies.

Newbie friendly

Sadly, this fairly impressive toy would not be recommended for newbies.

It is quite a heavy toy as well as being rather large, so might be intimidating for less experienced users or complete beginners.

The Truman seeks to be larger than life and powerful.

Delivering on both fronts, Truman is certainly a forced to be reckoned with though maybe not ideal for a first date.

Latex or Phthalates?

This toy contains no latex or phthalate properties.

As with all anal toys, use with plenty of your favourite lubricant for a safer and smoother playtime.


Truman comes complete with his own white, hard zip case for safe storage.

As this is a silicone toy, be sure to keep him safe away from other silicone goodies to prevent decay.

Rechargeable and quiet

This toy is rechargeable via a USB.

It also comes with a 2 year warranty. Most users report Truman silent…but deadly!


This toy is submersible so feel free to take it to bath or shower time.

Alternatively, use with plenty of your favourite water-based lubricant.


With its special kegel exercise program, The MyStim Tickling Truman brings something to the table which separates him from other toys of this calibre.

However, he might prove a bit too much for more sensitive girls or those less experienced owing to his size and intensity.

A wonderful toy for those who seek to purchase a powerful toy or experiment with electro-based toys, though he is perhaps best viewed as exactly that: a specialist toy.

For those who want more, he’s ideal.

However, for newcomers to sex toys, the Tickling Truman may just prove a little too much too soon.


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