Basics Vibrating Finger Ring

This teeny but powerful Vibrating Finger Ring from the LoveHoney Basics range is yet another contender for the lightweight under £5 range from the sex toy giants.

Great for either solo or couples play, you can pop this vibrating finger ring onto your digits or into your travel bag for versatile vibrating fun!

Vibrating Finger Ring Details

  • Vibration Speed: Single speed
  • Power Type: Batteries (single use included)
  • DurationL 30 minutes
  • Controller Typer: Built in push button
  • Material: Skin Safe Rubber
  • Flexibility: Flexible
  • Not waterproof
  • Latex and phthalates free
  • Under £5

Size and Shape

Simply slide the Vibrating Finger Ring onto yours (or, should you prefer, your lover’s) finger and get ready to ride right on into orgasm.

This versatile sex toy can be used on the nipples, clitoris or anus. Simple, yet effective, the finger ring features gently ribbed yet firm nozzles to stimulate externally.

Yet what it lacks in price, it certainly doesn’t let up in quality.


This toy is single-speed but powerful, much like its counterpart the BASICS finger bullet.


This toy is very quiet so won’t rock the boat, wake the neighbours or incur any raised eyebrows from housemates!


This toy is made from smooth Skin Safe Rubber and has no latex or phthalate properties.


This toy does require batteries, which are supplied by LoveHoney.

Good news is that its not fiddly to replace as there is no need to!

Bad news is that this toy is single use only and only comes with thirty minutes of charge.


This toy isn’t waterproof and, as such, should be cleaned using a damp cloth rather than submersed in order to avoid damaging your newest acquisition.


This toy is great for beginners owing to its size and simplicity.

Final Thoughts

Though a firm favourite on the LoveHoney website, this finger vibrator is single use and only good for thirty minutes of battery power.

For an extra pound you could alternatively invest in the Finger Bullet from the same range, LoveHoney BASICS, and get much more for your money.

It features the same single-speed vibrations but has a lot more potential for more mileage.


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