Clone A Willy Kit

clone a willy kit

The Clone A Willy Kit is a great way to personalise your very own dildo.

It iss incredibly easy to use, and provides everything you need, with the exception of the measuring equipment, and a bowl.

Your kit contains a moulding tube, moulding powder, two part silicone mix, a single speed battery-powered vibrator, thermometer and stirring stick; all you need to do is add water and buy some AA batteries.

One of the best features of the Clone A Willy Kit is this: not only does it have a realistic skin feel, but it is also available in various skin tones, allowing you to truly make a perfect match.

If you prefer your vibes even more customisable, kits are also available in: Hot Pink, Neon Purple, and Jet Black. Variations of the kit include a glow-in-the-dark variety, a milk-chocolate Willy making kit, a Candle Willy Making Kit – and harking back to the times of the swingin’ sixties and free love… the classic Plaster-Caster kit!

After ensuring that the penis that you want to clone is erect, all you do is measure the plastic tube against the length of the penis, mix the casting mixture, then place your erect member into the mould.

clone a willy kit instructions

The mixture can take up to four minutes to set, and it is advisable that you try to maintain your erection as long as you can; be prepared for the mixture to feel a little cold once you’ve inserted your penis.

Once the mould has set, you then pour the mixture into your chosen mould and place the standard one-setting vibrator, as supplied, into the silicone.

It then takes twenty-four hours to set firmly. Once the mould is removed, any excess silicone can be easily trimmed with scissors.

Add batteries to your vibe, and you’re ready to go!

Key Features:

  • Vibrating moulding kit with real features that creates a perfect replica of your partner’s penis
  • Silicone dildo the exact size and shape of your partner’s penis
  • One single set vibrator
  • Body-safe and non-allergenic

Power Stimulator:

If you choose to add the vibrator to the silicone mix, then you will experience a single powered battery vibe.

All in all, it doesn’t make for an overly powerful sex-toy. However, to give The Clone A Willy kit its due, I don’t think that power is the main selling point for this toy.

The battery compartment is easily accessible, and with good quality batteries, you should be able to obtain a good few hours of fun.

Does Vibration matter?

This Clone A Willy kit doesn’t offer too much in the way of power; it gives the user a choice as whether to create a dildo in the shape of their partner’s penis, or if they prefer, they can insert a one-speed vibrator into the mould.

The vibrations don’t travel all that well up the length of the toy, as the silicone is quite solid.

But what it lacks in power, it certainly makes up for in novelty, allowing you to have your partner’s penis at your command any time you desire.


The Clone A Willy Kit is battery-powered, using one AA battery, housed within a built-in twist base.

As this isn’t a very powerful vibrator, it is relatively efficient when it comes to energy saving.


  • Silicone
  • Firm
  • Body-Safe
  • No Latex


This sex-toy is quiet, as it can be used as dildo, or if you choose to turn your partner’s penis into a vibrator, the silicone mould is so thick – and sets so firmly – that the sound of the vibe easily muffles.


The Clone A Willy Kit is not waterproof.


There is no doubt about it – this kit is certainly messy, and cloning your partner’s willy isn’t something most people will do on a regular basis.

So, it can be tricky, but the instructions are straightforward enough, and we all have to start somewhere.


The Clone A Willy kit is a certain way to add some fun into one’s love life, creating a realistic vibrating silicone dildo with uncanny detail.

This product is totally body-safe, containing zero latex or phthalates; and it makes an ideal gift for your lover; it can help overcome inhibitions or simply sate a lustful longing, if you and your lover happen to be apart.


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