Lelo Alia™

The Lelo Insignia Alia Rechargeable Vibrator is designed to take the woman and the man over the top.

Helping the man reach stimulation by the anus or the perineum can be a good technique to play with the male prostate.

After some amount of foreplay, all the girl needs to do is use the device with a lot of lube and see her man’s toes curl.

A top luxury sex equipment, Alia is a massager which ideally meant to be used by couples.

To spice up their sex life, couples should seriously consider this product as it is beyond satisfying.

It can be operated in a very simple manner.

The powerful performance and silent operation of this device are the few benefits that come with it.

Features that prove its capability

As suggested by the name itself, it is completely rechargeable.

A maximum of 1-2 hours of charge allows the users to use its benefits for four hours afterwards.

It is meant for external stimulation purposes that can either be used by couples and by an individual itself.

Made from silicone, phthalates and ABS, it is completely latex free.

Available in deep rose, the feel is both smooth and rigid to help users experience all kinds of benefits.

Their must have features include six different types of vibration patterns which are ultra silent thereby allowing the users to be discreet in their play.

It is 3.5 inches long and 2.35 inches wide.

Packed in a beautiful gift box, Alia comes with a manual, charger, satin pouch, warranty card, brooch and a lube.

Designed with simplicity and beauty, the 100% power packed performance delivered by Alia is indescribable.

A versatile vibrator for external stimulation, it is both meant for solo play and couple usage.

Created from Deep Rose silicone, the shape of this device includes a large surface area through which the vibrations are made to travel.

For simple maneuverability it comes with a central handle that is metallic.

There are three buttons that are set into the top that allow changing settings and experiencing different vibration patterns.

The waterproof feature helps couple use this device while in the shower or bathtub and experience different ways to fulfill their needs.

The best part is that there are no restrictions when it comes to using Alia.

It is meant to take your sex life up a notch or two and it fulfills that purpose wonderfully.

A very sensual and sexual device that is smooth when you run it down your fingers.

The contrast between the metallic handle and the silicone material takes it to two extremes of cold steel and silky smooth.

Alia was created to appease to a couple in ways that no other toys do and after you start using it, you’ll know what all the hype is about.

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