Lelo Tiani™ 3

We have the new and improved Lelo Tiani 3 couples massager vibrator that has been designed and developed from the original Tiani and successor Tiani 2.

A remote controlled vibrator that can be worn during sex,  is a vibrator every couple should own.

If not for any other reason then for the fact that it allows room for penetration as well as a device to be inserted into the vagina of the female.

Ladies, double penetration is now possible even when you are with just one man.

Your search is over and your wishes have been fulfilled.

The Lelo Tiani 3 aims to satisfy you and take you to levels that have never been achieved before.

The powerful vibrations that are enjoyed while this device is in use are not only internal but also external.

External stimulations can be achieved as this device gets inserted into the vagina of the woman and rests against her clitoris helping her gain stimulation.

It is obviously waterproof because it has been designed to satisfy every waking need of your sexual desires and it fulfills them gloriously.

If you are tired of your natural lovemaking and you want to spice things up with your partner, you are at the correct place.

The targeted sensation that couples enjoy due to this device is unexplainable.

It is rechargeable and if taken good care of, it can be enjoyed for a long time.

Lelo outdoes itself again with Tiani™ 3

Made from smooth silicone design, it has 100% more powerful motor than the previous Tianis.

The remote control that comes with this device is equipped with sense motion technology, which means that the device is wireless and can be monitored without much hassle.

It allows both the man and the woman to share simultaneous orgasms while they are in bed together.

It comes with a one-year warranty card and a ten-year quality guarantee.

As it is built on the success of Tiani and Tiani 2, this can easily provide double the power.

It is very comfortable to use for both partners and is an example that nothing can beat Lelo when it comes to products relating to simultaneous completion.

Ideal for both internal as well as external stimulation, Tiani 3 is made from phthalate free silicone material and ABS plastic.

It is available in purple, pink and black colors.

There are eight different vibration modes on this device that can be changed with the use of remote controls.

The remote control has a range of about 12 metres that allows for more freedom during lovemaking.

It is three inches in length and 2.5 of those are insertable into the vagina and the diameter is about 1.6 inches.

It comes with a wireless remote, charger, manual and warranty card.

Even though it is designed to be worn by the woman during the process of lovemaking, the man is also kept completely satisfied.

Tiani 3 is now larger and flatter and therefore provides more power internally and the external stimulation is also more due to the increased surface area.

You need not look any further because the product of your dreams is now out in the market only for your enjoyment.


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