Electrastim Pure Vibes Anal Probe

electrastim pure vibes anal probe

This sexy little butt plug is ready to operate! Made from medical-grade plastic, the Pure Vibes Probe has surgical steel bi-polar contacts. Pair it up with your Electrastim power unit and you’ll find a match made in heaven. Simply slot both 2mm pins into the base and get ready to scream out notes of pleasure. Here are its vital statistics:

Electrastim Pure Vibes Anal Probe Details:

  • Flexibility: Rigid
  • Made from Plastic
  • No waterproof
  • Free from latex and phthalates
  • 2.2 inch insertable length
  • 3.5 inch total length
  • Finger loop base
  • Bullet Point 2

Ready or not – here you come!

Ideally shaped for anal play, this toy can also be used for vaginal stimulation too. Petite yet powerful, this toy is a lesson in electrifying sex! Unlike its vibrating counterparts, E-stim directly stimulates nerve-endings which cause your muscles to contract as they would during climax. Put simply, this tricks your body into reaching orgasm sooner than it would normally do – and, of course, heighten the experience. Used internally with plenty of water-based lubricant, this toy will carry the earth-shattering stimulants directly along a current into your most intimate areas.

This toy should be inserted before you switch it on. Start out at the lowest setting to avoid too many shocking results. For those new to electro-play its advised to ‘test’ your toy out first by simply closing a fist around it to feel how strong or weak the small electrical stimulants are.

Size and Material

Measing 2.1 inches in insertable length, this toy has a girth of 2.9 inches at its widest point. A petite toy, this plug is perfect for beginners and features a looped base for easy retrieval. This toy might be a little small for those who enjoy a more ‘fulfilling’ anal experience, however, this particular feature should be secondary for most people drawn to Electrastim devices.

Experimenting with Electrastim

As with other toys, everyone is different and may experience different reactions depending on your individual sensitivity. Some users may feel a gentle throbbing on the lower settings, though others may feel nothing at all. Simply increase the intensity, gradually, until you can feel it. Dipping a toe into the water beforehand will better help you immerse into experiencing and experimenting more fully with Electrastim.

You should also bear in mind that greater contact with skin means milder sensations. The less contact you make the stronger the sensations should be. Therefore, its best to turn the toy off before removing it. These users have certainly seen some shockingly amazing results:

I started with the stim running on low and it was just a slight tingle. But when I eased up the power in both the loops and the plug it really didn't take long before it made me cum.


OK the first thing is don't expect this thing to be big, it's not. But what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in performance.

PVC fan

It's a lot smaller than I thought, making it very easy to slide in even if you are not used to (or comfortable with) anal play. Turn on the power and off to anal stimuli heaven you go!


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The Pure Vibes Probe is made from body safe silicone. As such it contains no phthalates or latex properties and should be used with a water-based lubricant rather than a silicone-based lubricant to prevent harming your toy. Using this toy with a water-based lubricant will also give you stronger vibrations as it increases conductivity.


This toy is completely silent as it contains no buzzing vibrations: the only noises you might need to muffle are your screams of pleasure!


The Pure vibes Probe isn’t waterproof and should be cleaned using a warm, damp cloth only.


Absolutely. This toy is very asy to use and small enough so as not to intimidate any beginner, this toy is ideal for beginners to play with. Again, though this might not be as big as toy as more experienced users would prefer so make sure you buy with this in mind.

You should also consider some safety precautions. Do not use Electrastim if you have a heart condition and always consult your doctor before using Electrastimulation for the first time.


The Pure Vibes Probe is a great addition to your ElectraStim toy chest and will leave you gasping for more. However, before ordering this toy, please be aware that this is an ADD ON rather than a stand-alone unit such as this one:

Stand Alone Unit

mystim tension lover

Where to Buy the Electrastim Pure Vibes Anal Probe?

The Electrastim Pure Vibes Anal Probe is available from Electrastim.