Blow Up Sex Dolls

Inflatable blow up sex dolls are a great starting point if you want to delve into the world of sex dolls. They are great because they are cheap, cheerful and lots of fun. We have listed below are some of the most popular blow up dolls on the market.

Check out 6 of the best dolls online today.

Alotta Klevage Love Doll

Alotta Klevage is a Russian beauty with massive boobs. She also comes with 3 love holes to use to your delight.

Just Jugs 3 Hole Doll

Just Jugs has big breasts, 3 penetrative holes that are nice and tight for your use. The perfect beginner sex doll.


Wrap Around Lover Sex Doll

A sex doll with a nice added feature – she wraps her legs and arms around you. Perfect for those who want to do a bit of cuddling as well as loving.


“I have had several blow-up love dolls, and this one with the legs separated instead of together like most love dolls, makes it not only easier to use, but makes it feel better. With this doll you can do more positions then with other basic dolls. The vaginal hole feels really good, doesn’t rub against your cock like others that can get raw after a while, and the anal hole is the same. “

Pamela Love Doll

Look for a Baywatch Babe? Then Pamela is your answer. One of Bondara’s most popular blow up dolls, Pamela is a real pleaser.

“This is my Baywatch babe, and I love her big tits. It’s great fun to squeeze them and to shove my dick between them. The three holes are perfect for me. I prefer using her mouth hole because it’s as if she’s willingly giving me a blow job. She doesn’t complain when I’m a bit rough with her. She likes it. I like to put her on the bed and stick my dick in either her pussy or her ass. Both holes are nice and tight, and they feel even better when I use a lubricant. The price was very good for a blow up doll. I got exactly what I wanted for the price I paid. I like playing with sex dolls. They’re fun, and they satisfy me very much.”

Larger Sized Sex Dolls

If you like a larger sized women then the sex dolls below may just be perfect for your tastes.

Fatty Patty Love Doll

Fatty Patty is large and beautiful. She has 3 pleasure holes, giant boobs and a huge bum. Perfect for the man who likes something extra to grab. Fatty Patty is red headed and larger than life.


Happy customers can confirm her larger than life wonder:

“if you like that bit more then this doll is for you, one of the best sex dolls i have ever used.”

Hungry Hungry Hannah Sex Doll

Hungry Hungry Hannah is another plus-sized beauty. Perfect for those who love a larger lady. She jas 3 pleasure holes and a lot of fans.

Reviews include:

“Its really good, well worth the money & if you like big boobs and a good tit wxxk then this is the doll for you.”
“I purchased this as I like bigger women. The seams and holes are not sharp like other cheap dolls,the mouth is big enough for average cock. The face doesn’t look too bad,big ass, big legs with big droopy boobs all of this I like. At least Hannah looks like 16 to 22 size woman. Well worth money I bought it in sale,I know as I have 2 others. Hopefully it will last 6 months.”