Fleshlight Shower Mount

Fleshlight has introduced the Fleshlight Shower Mount that allows a man to fulfill his dreams of having sex in the shower.

This accessory can be placed in a man’s bathroom.

It can be wedged in the wall and the man can insert his shaft into its depths to relieve himself from all worries and tension.

It is a hands free tool that provides life like sensations.

To fix it in the shower, the man just needs to remove the cap at the bottom of the equipment and screw it to the shower mount.

He then needs to use the suction cup to attach this unit to a smooth surface.

It comes in a black case and is made of plastic material.

It is suitable for men who love to have a sexual experience in the bathroom.

Because it has been built for use in the shower, it is waterproof.

If your fantasy is one that has you wanting to insert your shaft into a tight hole while water runs down your body then your wishes have been fulfilled.

Making all your wishes come true

The Fleshlight Shower Mount is strong enough to stomach every deep thrust of yours.

It has been designed in a way to transform the masturbation experience for you.

You can go as deep as you like and as strongly as you want because it focuses on fulfilling your needs first.

It can be screwed under the base of any other Fleshlight toy.

It can then be attached to any smooth surface.

It has a locking mechanism and a powerful suction cup that can withstand your most enthusiastic thrusts.

It is hinged in a way so that the angle can be adjusted to provide you a hands free experience.

The shower mount is usable on any dry, solid and smooth surface.

You just need to lube up to experience something unimaginable.

Only the name suggests that it be used in the shower but it can be used on any smooth surface all around the house.

This is a wonderful accessory that has been designed by keeping your needs in the forefront.


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