Sex Dolls for Women

Why should the boys have all the fun out there, ladies? Strip clubs, porn and sex dolls – just boys toys? Think again. Welcome to the 21st century, girls. Here is your welcome party…an all-male ensemble to make you twitch and writhe in pleasure. Here come the boys!

Let’s have a look at some of the best sex dolls for women.

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Dude Sex Doll

Ooh, la la! What have we here? Dude is the answer to the popular male vibrator of the same brand. With his ripped, rippled torso and firm, erect cock, the ‘Dude’ is more than a mouthful for any girl to handle. With two firm balls, Dude has a double layered penis for a more realistic feel. His ultra intense ribbed anal cavity make him double the fun for couples or as a single use toy. His internal length will suit most men or women looking to play around the backdoor at 8 inches, while his cock will bring even the most determined ladies to their knees at 8 inches.

Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Hard Cock Ride On Dude
pipedream extreme fuck my hard cock dude sex doll

This eight inch cock is a heft 14 lbs of fun. A more compacted version of the full ‘Dude’, this version is half the size and, more importantly, half the price – but with the best bits included! His tight ass will have you salivating while the Fanta Flesh penis and balls will give you a more filling experience.


Bachelorette Party Tasty Tyrone Love Doll

tasty tyrone sex doll

No bachelorette party should be without this guy. This simple, inflatable vinyl doll is well endowed and well versed in travel with his simple easy deflate design. Take him along to a bachelorette party of your choice or keep him all to yourself! Tyrone is a tasty treat on a budget.

Midget-Man Inflatable Love Doll
midget man sex doll

Good things really do come in small packages! This life-sized dwarven boy is Midget-Man! Just get him all pumped up and ready to rock along to your next bachelorette party. Or enjoy him in the privacy of your own bedroom. This pint-sized treat is affordable and fun!

Dixie Normous Love Doll

dixie normous love doll

Dixie Normous is fun and fabulous. With an eight inch cock and ripped body, this life size doll is bound to make you buck. Tame this wild stallion for only £17.99 and get this wonderful inflatable complete with a free sachet of Bondara-brand lubricant.

Mia Isabella Transsexual Realistic Mega Masturbator

Mia is the ultimate fantasy not only for many men but plenty of ladies. This chick definitely has the best of both worlds – a 7 inch long, 5.35 wide penis and beautifully rounded breasts with realistically shaped, supple nipples to roll around between your fingers while you play.

This girl is 13IB of fun and, with a seven inch anal crevice she is built to take as good as she gives! Mia is also made from Fanta Flesh, again that high quality, hypo-allergenic material which is to sex dolls what silicone is to luxury vibes. Fresh, realistic and refreshingly warm to the touch, Mia is a fantasy brought to life. For the bisexual or bicurious, Mia Isabella is a breath of fresh air