Teddy Babes Plush Sex Doll

The Teddy Babes Plush sex dolls are high-end and luxurious. They are much more realistic looking than your standard sex doll. Instead of plastic, silicone or even rubber skin, the Teddy Babe has a soft velvety feel to it like a plush toy. They are also filled with fibres to make it wonderful to squeeze. This makes a doll for so much more than sexual satisfaction.

A Teddy Babe is a wonderful cuddly companion. You will love cuddling with them as they are warm and soft to the touch. They still feature a penetrable vagina, but they also offer a lot more than your standard doll.

Why are Teddy Babes great?

Cuddle Time

The biggest appeal to the Teddy Babe is their cuddle-ability. You can’t really cuddle a standard sex doll. No one likes hugging plastic! Teddy Babe has a wonderfully delicious velvety feel and squeeze that feels lovely – like hugging your favourite soft toy as a kid, this gives you the ability to cuddle and snuggle with a realistic looking and sized person. If you choose a deluxe model, this is further enhanced. You can change cuddling positions too – there is nothing comparable to it on the market.

She is now my companion in bed every night and I would not be without her, it’s so good waking up cuddled up to her in the mornings.Review


The Teddy Babe can be moved into various positions depending on preference. She can even stand erect WITH support. If you get the Deluxe model, you can wrap her legs around your body while making love.

Weight and Size

The Original Teddy Babe is roughly 4ft tall and weighs less than 10 pounds. The Deluxe version is roughly 5ft5 and less than 20 pounds.

Teddy Babe Deluxe

teddy babe deluxe

Height: 5ft4

Bust: 40 inches

Underbust: 26 inches

Hip: 34 inches

Waist: 23.5 inches

Teddy Babe Original


Height: 4ft

Bust: 32.5 inches

Underbust: 21 inches

Hip: 30.5 inches

Waist: 21 inches



doc johnson ur3 pussy pal
Doc Johnson UR3 Pussy Pall

The Teddy Babe has a velour insert to use which is held in place with a rubber ring. This has the potential to let dampness through so a plastic sheath is also included that you put into the opening before putting the velour insert in to protect your doll. Many people do not like this but it does provide a unique experience in itself. If this isn’t something you end up liking, you can get other inserts instead or there is room to use more “real-life” vaginas in its place. You can buy a male masturbator to enhance it. An example of an insert that can be used is the Doc Johnson Pussy Palm Pal. It fits snugly but the opening is made of a stretchy material which lets it sit in position. Lots of lube is recommended when using this. Be careful with inserting the masturbator – don’t overstretch your doll to make it fit as this will damage her.

Unfortunately the Teddy Babe does not have oral or anal entries – so vagina sex is the only option. The Teddy Babe, however, is generally a love doll and more suitable for those who want a companion than a sex doll.


Teddy Babes are fairly easy to customise to your specifications.  There are lots of tutorials available online that help you make modifications to your doll.  These include replacing the eyes, modifying the breasts to be larger/smaller and even making their feet more shapely.  Not all customisations are complex.  To start with, you can simply just change the hair of your Teddy Babe!


Teddy Babes come with a wig so that you can easily change the hair if it isn’t to your preference.  The wig is attached to your Babe using safety pins.  There are lots of places to buy wigs from including here.

Which Teddy Babe?

There are 2 types of cuddly love dolls to choose from. You can go for the Original Teddy Babe or the Deluxe Teddy Babe. The Original has much more petite features, which makes it better for travelling with. The Deluxe is far more “life-sized” in comparison.

If you want something more life-sized, the Deluxe version is the better option to go for. The Original love doll stands at 4 foot tall and is a great travel companion and much easier to store overall.

Once you have chosen your size then preference becomes down to appearance. The only thing to consider is the facial appearance of the dolls, as a Teddy Babe love doll has a removable wig – so you can change the hairstyle of your doll if you like the features of one but not their hair. You can also dress them up in regular lingerie too to your tastes.

Other things to consider:

Original Teddy Babe

  • Harder to shop for due to its out of proportion size (mostly on the lower half)
  • Easy to store as smaller
  • Easy to travel with
  • Easier to move into varying positions during sex
  • Do not feature oral/anal entries

Deluxe Teddy Babe

  • Can rotate head to side
  • Larger neck is not preferable to some, but is needed for the head to rotate
  • More proportionate features (thus more life-like)
  • Legs can wrap around you during sex
  • Do not have anal/oral entries

Clothing Size Guide

To help make it easier selecting clothing for your Teddy Babe, below is a general guideline to sizing.  Please be aware that clothing and shoes may not fit perfectly, but you can use accessories using things such as belts to help tailor the look you are going for.  You can also pad out shoes using socks.

As a general guideline, the smaller size is probably the best option when picking between two sizes for your doll.


Tops: S-M/10-12

Bottoms: XS/4-6

Shoes: Size 3


Tops: M/10-12

Bottoms: S/6-8

Shoes: Size 4


A Teddy Babe Plush can be cleaned using a damp cloth. It isn’t machine washable as its features will be damaged in the process.


If you are looking for a love doll which is soft, cuddly and loveable then the Teddy Babe might just be the right Love Doll for you.

Where to buy?