Inflatable Sex Dolls – The Top 10

The inflatable sex doll is a much-loved feature of any man (or woman’s!) bedroom nowadays.

In fact, they’ve become so popular over the years that there are plenty of dolls available to suit every size, shape and taste.

Here are just some of our lovelies who will rock your doll house.

Top 10 Blow Up Sex Dolls

Foxy Roxy Vibrating Sex Doll

A number one selling sex doll, Roxy has life sized features, silky blonde hair, firm breasts and curvaceous hips/legs.

Roxy features a very soft vaginal entrance and fully, pouting hungry mouth!

This multi-speed doll is a dream to use and comes with her own removable vibrating bullet which can be used independently of Roxy herself.

A bargain at under £25.

Hungry Hannah Sex Doll

A sexy BBW with a lust to match!

For gentlemen who prefer the larger lady, this doll is lifelike with three holes and a more than ample bust. Seamless with no rough edges, Hannah is a dream. She also arrives with a free sachet of lubricant to get you started.

This item has been discontinued.. click here to shop for alternatives.

Sexy Flight Attendant 2 Hole Sex Doll

Joining the Mile High Club has never been easier with this drop dead gorgeous sexy flight attendant.

With a penetrable vagina and butt, this sexy flight attendant is gift wrapped in her very own PVC flight attendant uniform.

Petite but tight, this doll is ideal for beginners and very inexpensive at only £34.99.

This item has been discontinued.. click here to shop for alternatives.

Just Jugs 3 Hole Blow Up Sex Doll

Just Jugs is perfect for those who like larger boobs.

She has three penetrable entrances (each start at 1.5 inches width and 5 inches of depth) primed for your pleasure and is a petite but lifesize height of 5ft.

She also comes with a free puncture repair kit should you get a little too carried away!

Tereza Barkley Doggie Style Inflatable Sex Doll

Tereza loves it from behind. She arrives ready and raring to go in a missionary position for those gentlemen who like to give it from behind – and she is more than ready to take!

Tereza also has three penetrable holes and inflatable hair for you to get a grip on!

Pamela Blow Up Sex Doll

Proof that the classics never go out of fashion, this doll, based upon beauty Pamela Andersen, remains one of Bondara’s best-selling life size dolls.

With three penetrable holes, Pam is both very tight and raring to go.

One of the most popular and highest rating dolls of her kind, Pam is sure to impress in the bedroom or at a stag do.

This item has been discontinued.. click here to shop for alternatives.

Dianna Stretched 3 Hole Blow Up Sex Doll

Diana is a three hole doll made for deep penetration.

With an imposed, realistic face Dianna arrives poised with both legs open wide for deeper penetration into each of her five inch depth holes.

Perfect for exploring a variety of sexual positions, this doll includes a free puncture repair kit just in case!

Leticia Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll

leticia realistic sex doll

With a more realistic face and head, Leticia has a full head of beautiful silken hair and more realistically defined feet and hand.

More importantly, Leticia can be penetrated through her textured vagina or anal crevice.

Additionally, Leticia arrives complete with her own removable vibrating love egg and real-feel nipples.

A little more realism for your money, Leticia is more than worth your hard earned cash!

Meme The Midget Love Doll

This little pocket rocket is ideal for those with a fetish for shorter ladies.

A dwarfen beauty, Meme can take you orally, anally or vaginally to satisfy all of your needs.

With smooth skin and supple breasts, this beautiful, petite love doll is ideal for those with specific tastes or simply looking to try the classic inflatable doll in another size.

This item has been discontinued.. click here to shop for alternatives.

Exotic & Erotic – Vagina, Ass & Mouth Sex Doll

This big busted beauty has three penetrable holes with a skin-soft cyberskin removable pussy and ass.

Use the sleeve alone or with your doll for realistically ribbed penetration.

She also has squeezable breasts and life like nipples for extra realism for under £100.


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