Vanessa Real Love Doll

The Vanessa Real Love Doll is a real treat for anyone looking for a high quality solo experience. Vanessa is life-sized and has a firm pair of breasts with realistic perky nipples. She also has three ribbed and textured holes (mouth, vagina, and anus) for whatever mood takes you. The doll is non-inflatable and made of Skin-Safe Real Skin (TPE) for that high quality and realistic feel. Vanessa also comes with a suction pump and two powerful vibrating bullets. This love doll has some great reviews in its favour. Let’s check out the product specifications, and then we’ll get to the reviews.

Vanessa Real Love Doll Details:

  • Size: 27 inches in length (life size)
  • Material: Skin-Safe Real-Skin (TPE)
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Love Holes: Mouth, vagina, anus (all ribbed and textured)
  • 2 vibrating bullets
  • Suction pump (easy cleaning)
  • Non-inflatable

What You Get

The first thing that stands out about the Vanessa Real Love Doll is the incredibly realistic skin. The sex doll is constructed from TPE, which produces a safe and lifelike skin feel that is 100% pleasurable. Vanessa has firm breasts and perky nipples that are sure to enhance the whole experience. Her open mouth is carefully designed to give great oral sex.

The major selling point of the Vanessa Real Love Doll is her realistic vagina and anus for enhanced penetration pleasure. All three passages (mouth, vagina, anus) are ribbed and textured to provide you with a convincing replication of what oral, vaginal, and anal sex really feels like.

Vanessa weights 10kg and her upper body is a life-size 27 inches. The doll comes equipped with a suction pump for easy clean up and also comes with 2 vibrating bullets to enhance the pleasure that much more.

A Step Up From The Competition

At first glance, the Vanessa Real Love Doll doesn’t seem like a toy for beginners. However, it certainly is something that intermediates rave about. One reviewer over at Bondara has noted that Vanessa is a vast improvement upon the other sex dolls and masturbators on the market:

Perfect For Partner Play – The Best Alternative To A Threesome

Upon reading through the rave reviews, an ingenious way of using the Vanessa Real Love Doll becomes apparent. What at first appears to be a toy only for solely play quickly reveals its ability to be seamlessly incorporated into the couple’s sex life. Many people fantasise about having a threesome but don’t want to deal with the practicality of setting it up or managing complex emotions such as jealousy. Vanessa provides a fantastic solution to this erotic problem. Just bring her into the bedroom with your partner and enjoy the threesome.

Lonely Nights No More

Of course, whilst having the option to use Vanessa with your partner is great, the doll really shines when it comes to solo play. The Vanessa Real Love Doll can fulfil a physical, perhaps even emotional need, when you are away from your partner or in between partners:

Feels As Good As The Real Thing

The biggest worry when it comes to purchasing sex dolls is what it will feel like. Many are concerned that they will receive a product that feels synthetic or could be harmful. Luckily, with the Vanessa Real Love Doll, that is not an issue. The entire doll is constructed from life-life and safe material that is pleasurable and realistic. One reviewer has noted that the material feels very similar to a Fleshlight. If you’ve experience one of those before, you know what you’re getting with Vanessa. A huge plus in Vanessa’s favour is the fact that so many people have commented on the realistic feeling breasts, vagina, and anus:

As the above reviewer mentioned, Vanessa has extremely tight holes. If you are on the big side, it is definitely worth picking up some of your favourite lube with your order. This will enhance the whole experience even if you aren’t on the bigger side. Adding some lube to the equation will make Vanessa feel as close to real as possible. Her skin already feels extremely lifelike so the only way to enhance that is by adding some lube and replicating the feeling of female sexual arousal.

Your experience might vary. Some reviewers mention that Vanessa is extremely tight and cite this as a benefit, whilst another reviewer has mentioned that the ribbing in Vanessa’s love holes needs improvement.

Handle With Care

Many reviewers have raved about how realistic Vanessa feels. This is definitely a huge benefit. But, with a realistic sex doll, you must also take care to look after it.

ome reviewers have mentioned that Vanessa is quite heavy at 10kg, whilst others have drawn attention to the fact that after a few sexual experiences it becomes clear that she needs to be handled delicately.

The overwhelming majority of reviews are extremely positive. The negative comments seem mostly related to personal preference so please keep that in mind. One person’s negative might result in your positive. However, one reviewer over at the UK Love Doll Forums had a few things to say about the doll that you might wish to keep in min.

Easy Clean Up And Even Better Than The Real Thing

One reviewer has suggested that Vanessa’s perfectly crafted body means that a sexual experience with Vanessa trumps sexual experiences with real girls. He has also drawn attention to the supreme easy of clean up, which is certainly a huge benefit when it comes to sex dolls.


If you’ve got a bit of cash and you’re looking for an improvement upon other dolls and masturbators, or if you’re new to the world of love dolls, the Vanessa Real Love Doll is likely to delight you. The doll excels in solo and partner play.

ou can use the doll whilst your girlfriend is away or if you don’t currently have a partner. Or you can incorporate Vanessa into your bedroom activity if you and your partner are keen on a threesome without the emotional mess attached. The doll can be too tight for some people, so it is worth lubing up. For an extremely realistic erotic experience, you can’t go wrong with grabbing the Vanessa Real Love Doll.