Lelo Gigi™ 2

Have you never masturbated before?

Are you looking for ways by which you can accomplish this?

Have you tried a sex toy?

Better yet, have you tried the Lelo Gigi 2 G-Spot Vibrator?

If you are a woman and you like to have sex, you need to shut out every other feeling and noise and get this equipment.

Equipment designed for women everywhere

The Lelo Gig 2 is built to enable women hunt down their g-spot with precision.

The original Gigi was surrounded with all the hype but the Gigi 2 has 100% more vibrations and is built with luxurious materials.

The shaft is built with the highest quality silicone material and is flattened at the top to provide a firm pressure to the g-spot.

It is available in grey, purple and pink colors.

The control handle that is easy to grip is made from smooth ABS plastic.

Gigi 2 has been creatively designed to curve toward your g-spot and massages it with dubious accuracy.

It is a completely rechargeable gadget that has eight modes of vibration and four buttons that allow you to customize your pleasure.

While using this toy, every woman is left surprised.

The vibrations are whisper quiet in this tool.

Using the flat head that can be spread on all your sensitive parts, it acts as a clitoral stimulator as well.

It is around 6.5 inches tall with four inches insertable.

It is discreet and serves the purpose of those women who do not want to profess that they use such products.

It can be lipped in a handbag or a suitcase and comes with a satin storage pouch.

The best part is that the controls of the Gigi 2 can be locked so that it does not begin to operate during transit.

It is a completely rechargeable equipment that just needs a two-hour battery recharge to function for four hours.

It informs you when the battery needs to get recharged so the battery going off will not come as a shock of disapproval from you.


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