Lelo Sex Toys

Who are LELO?

LELO is not only first class, it’s world class.

The market’s current number one sex toy provider, their luxury intimate accessories are famously stylish, sleek and functionally fabulous as well.

LELO brings a new level of luxury to the sex toy industry with each of its massagers transforming the look and feel of how personal vibrators are perceived.

A Swedish company founded in 2003 and they apply the same high quality and innovative design to all of its products.

Which include not only massagers but massage oils and soy massage candles.

Even if you haven’t heard the name before, you might recognise some of their products.

When thinking luxury, you should always think LELO.

This is why…

Lelo Lyla™ 2

The Lelo Lyla 2 makes this in part purely to demonstrate how far Lelo have come since the original Lyla.

They are constantly updating existing products as well as delivering new designs and this is one such example.

In fact, this particular offering is up to fifty percent more powerful than the original, this wirelessly remote controlled egg remains active up to an impressive 12 meters away.

With 8 pleasure settings and intelligent, remote controlled operation, this egg is suitable for couples and solo players alike.

Lelo Siri™ 2

Another revamped toy, the Lelo Siri 2 vibrator has eight vibrating modes and is a true exemplar of LELO’s ultra-powerful vibrating motors.

There are 4 buttons to operate the Lelo, +/- to increase/decrease the strength of the vibrations, and to cycle through the patterns.

However, this particular vibe is a little bit special – make to shake, rattle and ‘o’ you into submission!

The vibrations are set to the rhythms of different music genres and, with it’s extra-sound responsive setting can be tuned to vibrate alongside the sound of yours or your lover’s voice or even your favourite song!

Both powerful and original, the Lelo Siri 2 is an unusual addition to your toy chest and a fun one.

This is a fantastic innovation on a classic toy and one that makes LELO stand out from the crowd.


Here’s one for the boys!

Here is a particularly notable standout toy from LELO’s men only range.

This little beauty comes with twin massaging tips for P-spot and perineum stimulation.

The Lelo Bruno also features two vibrating motors and is designed to sit comfortably as part of solo play or lovemaking with your partner.

Smooth and seamless, this toy is, like all LELO products made from silky smooth silicone (meaning no nasty toxic chemicals or latex allergies to poke) and is the pinnacle of comfort.

Lelo Loki™ Wave Prostate Massager

Pick up something for him with this prostate massager from toy giants LELO.

The Lelo Loki Wave is a rechargeable prostate massager and comes with six spine tingling vibrating settings to set pulses racing.

Made from the same seamless silicone, the massager features a broad bulb taper for easy anal insertion.

The LELO line is known for it’s intense, high quality vibrations and this is one such exemplar.

More From Lelo

The PICOBong range

PICOBong are another interesting development in the LELO arsenal.

These products feature the same unique powerful vibrations and innovation as conventional LELO products but at slightly less cost.

These mini vibes are perfect travel sized companions and are actually comparably cheaper for those who don’t wish to splash too much cash.


LELO are not only a must for the quality of their products but the support and innovation offered.

The downside of LELO toys has to be the price tag.

You do pay for quality, however, the company more than justifies their price tag given that, as well as the quality of their designs, they often strive to include features which many sex toy manufacturers wouldn’t even dream of.

They make a perfect gift for your spouse or a guilty pleasure to indulge in yourself.

All LELO toys are rechargeable and come with a full 1 year warranty and a ten year guarantee.


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