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There are plenty of sex toys to choose from on the market.  So many, it can feel like a mind field to work out.  We endeavour to review and dissect every sex toy on the market.  To help YOU decide on what to choose to make your sex life a little more interesting.  We review and collate information about all types of adults toys.  We then package it neatly so you can see the pros and cons of any given sex toy.  This way yu can decide quickly if it is right for you.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our reviews can help you make decisions quickly.  Whether you are looking for male sex toys, a sex machine or even a nipple toy, you will find everything you need right here.

Anal Toys

These include anal beads, buttplugs and prostate massagers to name a few. These will include an array of toys for both females and males.


This little section will include anything bondage related whether its clothing, restraints or a nice little whip for extra pleasure.

Couples toys

If you are looking for something that you can use with a partner, this section will have it. Whether its a simple device like a cock ring or something a little more unusual, it can be found here.


Male Toys

This section will have male only sex toys. These will include some of the products that will be seen in the anal toys section but also toys like penis pumps, sex dolls and realistic vaginas.

Nipple Toys

Well this is kind of obvious – anything involving nipple play. Nipple toys generally include nipple clamps and nipple pumps.

Sex Aids

Sex aids include condoms, pumps, pills and creams to help intensive and make your sexual adventures more special.

Sex machines

Sex machines are great devices to add additional spice to your sex life or whether alone and wanting something else to do the thrusting while you relax. This includes portable sex machines, blow up ones and love chairs too.


This is a vast category in itself that can be broken down into several popular categories including rabbit vibrators. We have a selection of reviews here that we continue to add too.