Beginners Guide to Clone-a-Willy

What is Clone a Willy?

Clone-A-Willy do exactly what they say on the packet: they literally enable you to make a perfect carbon copy of your cock.

Well, almost. Take out ‘carbon’ and insert ‘chocolate’. Yum!

These relatively inexpensive mould your own cock kits  are a blast to play with as a couple or create as a cheeky Christmas or Birthday gift for your partner.

Okay, let’s get down to business here.

You’re here cos you want to  know how to clone your own dick, and making a chocolate willy happens to be a very exact science – really!

For those expecting or even anticipating a night of slathering the chocolate mixture onto their lover’s penis (or even their own!) there are some rather harsh truths to this:

  • It’s messier than you can imagine.
  • It’s advised that you shave/tidy up your special little guy in order to avoid presenting your significant other with the Pube Special portion on the menu – that and pulling a chocolate mould off of a hairy surface area is unsurprisingly painful.
  • It’s more time-based than you would have thought
  • You will need to keep all of your ingredients nearby or have a Usain Bolt level of agility in order to successfully complete the journey from mix to cock in the required time
  • It’s considerably easier to screw up than popping a batch of brownies into the oven.

To begin with, you need to know your knob. In fact, as with most sex toys, knowing one’s cock really is the key to being successful here.

You may need to cut down the provided tube in order to insert your penis and get the best possible creation here.

Once you’ve chopped down your cock mould (and the vision of a million men reading wincing goes here), it’s time to move onto stage two.

How to use Clone-A-Willy

After making the mixture using the moulding powder

The time taken between mixing and applying your chocolate mould is pretty damn specific at two minutes – and bang on.

You literally have two minutes after creating your mixture to squeeze your penis into the plastic tube and pour the mixture liberally on.

It should go without saying that plenty of towels are needed at this juncture! Also, do not ignore the small thermometer provided as the mixture does need to be at a specific temperature in order to set.

What’s more, ignoring the temperature instructions will not only turn your mould from Da Vinci to deadbeat art school drop out but you also run the risk of inserting your penis into a boiling hot vat of chocolate.


Safety first!

Waste NO time in inserting your penis into the tube or the mixture may harden and become unusable – unlike the real deal, a hard tube is not desirable!

Put your penis in the tube, directly into the tube. Do not pass go, do not collect £200 in order to get the best effect.

Exhibiting Your Creation

Peel the mould off of your cock gently and pop it in the fridge to set.

You will need to leave it in overnight to get the best possible shape. Also, beware of plopping this particular delicacy into the fridge of a shared house or when entertaining house guests/kids.

A chocolate mould of yours or your husband’s penis will look significantly out of place sat snugly between the milk and the last night’s leftovers.

Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labour!

Once your choc cock is set, wrap a bow around it and present it to the person of your choice – hopefully not your boss or some other officious person.

And, contrary to popular belief, this particular penis is one you should definitely grab a cock shot of!

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