Lelo Tiani™ 2

The Lelo Tiani 2 is again a second-generation model that has been derived from the original Tiani model introduced by Lelo.

A very popular couples’ vibrator that comes with 50% more power is just what the world needed.

The wireless range has also increased which gives room for a lot more acts and plays that can be conducted in the bedroom.

You can control this equipment with or without the use of the remote control that grants more freedom.

It also has an interchangeable attachment that gives a more complete feeling while penetration.

The Lelo Tiani 2 is ideal for both internal as well as external stimulation.

It is made from phthalate free silicone and ABS plastic material.

Available in deep rose color, it is an ideal equipment that can be used in the shower as well.

It comes with sense motion technology that has a range of about 12 meters.

The eight different types of vibration modes on this device is what attracts a lot of people towards it.

It is 3.31 inches in length of which 1.65 inches can be inserted into the vagina and has a diameter of 1.1 inches.

It is rechargeable and can be used for a long term if taken care of properly.

It comes in a beautiful and elegant gift box that includes a manual to instruct the users, a wireless remote for easy manoeuvrability, charger and a warranty card.

Tiani 2 – a great device for sexual play

It is an award-winning toy that delivers powerful vibrations to both the man and the woman.

It has been designed to be worn by the woman during sexual intercourse; the thinner part needs to be inserted into her vagina.

It sits comfortably inside the anus whereas the larger end is supposed to rest against her clitoris.

It is worn in a manner that the man can easily penetrate into his partner while using this device and both of then can feel and experience the sensations of the powerful vibrations.

It helps to provide that extra stimulation to both partners.

The remote control equipped with sense motion technology can be used to change between the six different types of vibration modes.

The experience and sensation differs when the way the remote is held and monitored keeps changing.

This remote has three times more power than the remote that came with the original Tiani.

It is a very powerful tool and once you have it, you will wish you bought it sooner.


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