Prosolution Gel

prosolution enhancing gel 60ml

For those who favour performance enhancers, getting the right product for you is absolutely essential for enhancing play and prolonging an erection – such as prosolution gel!

This non-stick gel is clear and won’t stick to your bedsheets.

The Prosolution enhancing gel is a great alternative to many penis extenders, creams and pills available now.

It also doubles up as a great lubricant.

Designed to be massaged gently into the shaft and head of your penis, this lubricant is designed to be used prior to sexual intercourse to help give you a stronger and longer lasting erection.

Why use Prosolution Enhancing Gel?

With so many different brands of lubricant out there, this is a good question.

Why pay over £30 for this particular lubricant rather than a cheaper brand?

Well, unlike many other lubricants, Prosolution enhancing gel is made for those who suffer from problems such as erectile dysfunction.

Speedier than pills and less painful/strenuous than pumps, Prosolution offers a speeder aid to erection problems.

Furthermore, at under £40, it’s actually a less costly investment when compared to many other performance enhancers.

Nitric Oxide to relax the muscles…

This particular male enhancer is made with nitric oxide which helps smooth the muscles in the penis to relax, dilate and pump with blood to aid in getting an erection or prolong an existing erection.

This lubricant is also quite fast-working as it is applied directly to the skin.

It also doesn’t need to be applied two or three times a day, unlike other methods such as extenders or pills.

Applying this lube fifteen minutes before playtime will help you to get the most out of it.

Simply squeeze out the gel and apply it to your penis as you would do when masturbating.

Once it works its magic, simply get ready to go! It really is that simple.

What’s more, you could incorporate this into foreplay with your lover giving you that sultry handjob shortly before sex.

Certainly a sexier alternative to some of the performance enhancing creams on the market today!

Non-sticky solution

So, why is a non-sticky lubricant important?

Well, given the texture of some regular brand lubes, this can leave a rather unpleasant after taste in your mouth as well as your fingers.

More important, it can stain your bedsheets or clothing.

Prosolution Performance is quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves no residue.

What this means is that it’s fairly painless to clean off both yourself and the furnishings.


Do not ingest this particular lube though as it is topical only – that is, made to be applied to the surface of the skin only.

It is not flavoured and it isn’t advisable to consume this product.

It is, however, completely non-toxic and skin safe. It can also be used with a condom.


This is certainly one of the safer and more pain-free alternatives to many performance enhancers out there.

Sexier than cream and safer than many extenders, you’ll see results pretty quickly.

What’s more, the results become more pronounced the more you apply and use this lube.


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