Lovehoney Magic Wand (Review)

A staple for sex toys in the UK, LoveHoney have put together this Classic Magic Wand Vibrator and have also been bringing us budget (though not necessarily lesser) versions of our favourite brands for many years now.

But how will their take on the recently-departed Hitachi magic wand go down?

Are we in for a trick or a treat with this particular wand?

LoveHoney Magic Wand Details:

  • Circumference: 7.5 inches
  • Base diameter: 2.4
  • Length: 13 inches
  • Flexibility: Flexible
  • Waterproof: No
  • Contains latex: No
  • Contains phthalates: No
  • Material: Plastic
  • Controller Type: Built in – scroll wheel
  • Vibration speed: Multiple speeds
  • Power Type: Mains powered

Shape and Style

One look at this offering from LoveHoney will tell you that this particular wand was made with Hitachi in mind.

At quite a lengthy 13 inches, this toy is pretty near to the original specifications of the Hitachi.

Additionally, it has a rather girthy base diameter of 2.4 inches.

The wand itself is plastic, though the head is firm but soft.

The neck of the wand is made with flexibility in mind allowing the user to tilt the head of the wand against the desired area.

The most interesting thing about the design of this toy is, however, the scroll wheel LoveHoney adopts rather than the traditional push-button design.

There is a downside to this.

The handle is not ergonomically designed so can be quite slippery when using with lubricant or during particularly…clammy moments!

This can also apply to the wheel.

Use with caution or you may find yourself zooming from naught to sixty in three seconds!

Power and Vibrations

LoveHoney have put a lot of effort into making this particular wand more accessible to those of us who like powerful toys and others who prefer a lower, teasing setting to our massagers.

This seems like quite a tall order in such a physically imposing toy.

So, how do LoveHoney incorporate this amount of variety into their speed settings?

Simple, really.

The scroll wheel.

Easily accessible in the middle of the handle, the scroll wheel is easily manipulated during play.

You can switch from a high to a low speed with simply by moving the wheel.

Let’s see how these users found the this feature in their reviews:

The best bits are the power settings and sheer amount of power available. You can orgasm on low settings then increase the power and repeat until you either hit top power or are fully satisfied.KitKatMeow
After buying it nearly a year ago I still cannot use it on a high setting because it makes me cum far too quicklyCorrine
the vibes from any other toy will seem utterly tame by comparison, once you’ve tried this one.Sexpesterer

All reviews sourced here.

As usual, LoveHoney more than hits the spot in this particular category.

Newbie Friendly?

Given the sheer range of this toy, it is definitely recommended for newbies and wand-pros alike.

The simple, easy to use design and simplicity of the controls make this toy more accessible to newbies than most.

This toy is also a sleek £54.99 – a far less risky gamble than many of its competitors for any newbie to consider.

Furthermore, there are no fiddly battery compartments to check or recharge sockets to search for.

In fact, LoveHoney has an entire range of these little magic wands so if this one seems a little more than you can handle, feel free to browse the website for other alternatives.

Power and Discretion

This toy is mains-powered, meaning it is attached to a lead and does need to be plugged into a mains socket at all times in order to be used. This might seem slightly limiting, but when you’d be hard pressed to find a battery-powered alternative which can match this particular wand in terms of the power and consistency of its vibrations.

Furthermore, you’d be less likely to find a wand of the same calibre without a lead.

In terms of discretion, this wand is not one to use when sharing a house or in a house with particularly thin walls.

Many reviewers agree that while this toy is one of the most pleasurable it is far from the most quiet.

Materials and cleaning

This toy is not waterproof, therefore should be cleaned with a damp cloth after use and should not be submerged.

Please do not take this or any other mains-powered toy into the shower or the bath with you.

The toy is plastic and contains no phthalates or latex for those with allergies.


LoveHoney seem to have delivered an affordable, easy to use alternative not only to the Hitachi, but to many other brands out there on the market.

Simple, affordable and effective. What’s more, with over 700 reviews and average score of 4.5 stars on the LoveHoney website, this toy is more of a safe bet than a real gamble.

Try it for yourself.


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