Magnetize Panty Vibe Review

The Magnetize Party Vibe is part of a new range of Magnetize toys that include a rampant rabbit, cock ring, clit stimulator, butt plug and gspot vibrator.

The range is called Magnetize due to specifically located magnets inside the toys.

The panty vibe has one in the tip to create increased sensitivity and blood flow which will give you a much more intense orgasm than without the magnet.

Well that’s the theory anyway!

We were sent a panty vibe from Ann Summers to test out and give our honest opinion about it.

So how did it fair?

First Impressions

tip of panty vibe
The Vibe Tip
magnetize panty vibe controls
The Separate Controls

The panty vibe is small in size and cute.

It is smooth to the touch and has a targeted bumped tip (in which the magnet is inside).

It also comes with a small separate cordless control.

It looks intriguing.

The Magnetize Panty Vibe Details:

  • Made from siliconemagnetize panty vibrator
  • 1 magnet in the targeted spot
  • Separate buttons for ears and shaft settings
  • Waterproof
  • 3 speeds
  • 7 vibration pattern settings
  • Wireless remote control
  • USB rechargeable
  • 3 inch total length
  • Climax technology

What You Get:

magnetize panty vibe

With the panty vibe you get the pnty vibe, a wireless control and a USB cable for charging.

You also get a booklet to help you quickly learn how to use and charge your new vibrator.

Magnetize Technology

As mentioned, there is 1 magnet in the targeted tip which is there to help increase sensitivity and blood flow.

This in turn will create a more intense orgasm.

Ann Summers does say on their site though that this COULD improve blood flow – it doesn’t guarantee it though.

“This could improve blood flow to the area and increase sensitivity and ultimately heighten your orgasm”

Climax Technology

Climax technology first entered the Ann Summer’s realm with their Moregasm range.

It involves a new motor that sends deep low frequency vibrations throughout the body.

The idea is that the vibrations travel further and thus reach twice as many nerve endings compared to other vibrators on the market.

Ann Summers also tested this technology and found that 92% claimed they had their deepest longest climax with the Moregasm range which has this technology.

This technology is also within the Magnetize range.

Speed Settings

There are 3 speed settings to the panty vibe which is typical of many vibrators on the market.

Ann Summers has repurposed the way they spin the speed settings but calling it s “New Intensity Boost Button”.

From using the settings I can’t distinguish a difference from other toys and why it has been called this.

The speed settings are quite intense even the lowest speed is.

This is compared to other vibrators I have experienced.

The slowest setting usually isn’t that great but on this toy it is wonderful – maybe something to do with the magnet?

Pattern Settings

Both The pattern settings for the vibe are the same for most toys in the Magnetize I believe.

The panty vibe certainly has the same as the rabbit vibrator.

Below is a break down of those patterns.

The patterns functions include:

Normal – Normal vibration, no pattern

Dash, dash, dash, dash – repeated at same speed (Rumble)

Dash, dash, dash, dash – same as the one before but faster (Rhythmic)

Dash, dash, dash, dash but even faster than the rhythmic one (Intense)

Dash, dash, dash, surge (Surge is a longer vibration than the dashes). This repeats in this pattern.

Dash, dash, dash, dash, dash, pulse – In this instant the dashes are faster than the previous one and the pulse is slightly shorter than the surge one.

This repeats in this fashion (dash dash dash dash dash, pulse, dash dash dash dash dash, pulse)

Dash, dash, dash, dash, dash, long dash – The dashes here are faster than the other two patterns, but the long dash is like the pulse version.


This toy is waterproof which is a must for any toy to be easily cleaned and not damaged.

USB Rechargeable

As all the toys in the Magnetize range, this is USB rechargeable.

This is a great feature and it is quick to charge too.

At the bottom of the panty vibrator you will find a tiny hole in which you push the charger into.

When you pull it out the silicone seals the hole back up to maintain it’s waterproof property.

How Does It Sit?

This panty vibe sits nicely in your knickers – it stays in place quite well and there is no movement.

This is great so you can focus on the controls.


Personally I do not think this toy is noisy but I think this is really subjective so it may be noisy for others.


Overall this is great little vibrator that packs a punch.

I really liked that it fitted and sat still once in place.

I also liked that it had strong vibrations and a great range of patterns.

I would recommend this one whole heartedly.

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  1. I have just bought this & I am really happy with the results the reviewer is right that the settings are v similar to the Rabbit however it’s such fun to have them in your knickers I now sit in boring staff meetings trying to hide my ecstasy and hoping no one hears the buzz. At one point I had to leave the meeting run to the ladies & compose myself. before going back into the meeting. One of my colleagues asked if I was ok after the meeting I’m pretty sure she was on to me!

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